Bits and Pieces…

October 19, 2009

So here i am… thinking of what it will should be… would be… and what it could be…

How can i think about one thing so much all day… everyday… and yet not give up even when i know how things are at the moment… and how it has been…

Am i fighting fate yet again to create an outcome that was never to be in the first place… or am i finally on the right path to get to where i always wanted to go…

Even though i know what i must do… where i must be… i still don’t know for sure where i will end up…

So many things undecided… unknown and unforgettable…

I will not give up 🙂


Random Thoughts…

October 1, 2009

When i Smile
I think of you,
When i think of you
I smile
I smile cos’ I am
thinking of you
or am I thinking of you
cos’ I am smiling?

No i cant take credit for coming up with that, but i wish i could 🙂


Exploding Matchbox!!!

September 25, 2009

yes yes i have not been active since i created this but lets not get caught up on the details right now 🙂 lol. anys…

long story short. i was trying to light a smoke and the damm match box exploded, well everything lit up at once. lol.

i have never heard of this happening to anyone so i thought i would share.



A blogging i will go?

August 3, 2009

Alot has been happenning over the last few days that has led to me spending an insane amount of time reading a close friends blog. I never understood why people blog… i mean why would you want to put your inner feelings out in the open for all to see and take cheap shots at?  Dont get me wrong now, i am never the type to run away from standing for what i believe in… i guess i just prefer avoiding unnecessary complications whereever possible… ofcourse this preferance of mine sometimes clash with another insane side of mine where i would (almost) always will try something new ATLEAST once, and that ladies and gentleman of the jury is why you are here, reading this

I dont know what will come of this blog in the days to come. but i promise you i will give you atleast a few good laughs

A big thank you to kingducky for getting(forcing) me to have a look into this side of cyberspace.